Creative Shropshire Code of Conduct

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To trade legally and fairly – to at all times honour legal and contractual commitments with clients and suppliers.

Compete fairly – to utilise a fair tendering process for new work, and compete against each other fairly.

Present themselves honestly – Creative Shropshire members will not make false or exaggerated claims about their skill sets or business offering.

Avoid Conflicts of Interest – Members will endeavour to avoid conflicts of interest, and where such a situation should arise, will bring it to the attention of those affected for resolution.

Respect Confidentiality – Creative Shropshire members will respect all business issues of confidentiality when working with suppliers and clients.

Respect Copyright and Intellectual Property – Members will not knowingly infringe the copyright and intellectual property rights of others.

Be Good Employers – Members with employees agree to provide as agreeable a working environment as possible, have fair conditions for employment and on and off the job skills training.

Deal Fairly with Freelance Suppliers – Members will deal fairly with freelance suppliers, provide them with the necessary support and agree terms as to objectives, delivery, fees and expenses.

Promote Shropshire as a centre of creative excellence – be positive about all that Shrewsbury and Shropshire has to offer.