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We began trading in 1989 with the aim of gaining as much experience as possible across a broad spectrum of industry sectors. As time went on we developed specialisms such as food and drink, textiles, professional services, IT, engineering, tourism and leisure. We like to think now however that we can tackle anything that comes our way as experience in one sector can often be used to benefit another. We offer our clients a holistic approach to their marketing, beginning with a review of their business objectives, and never assuming that what they think they need is necessarily the best solution. By challenging pur clients' ideas we try to give them input that they would not otherwise have had - and this, we believe is our competitive edge. As owners of a long established small business ourselves, we can empathise with the issues they face and perhaps help them to avoid common pitfalls. Marketing needs to be measurable in terms of results and it is worth spending a little more to get an effective solution rather than settling for the lowest price. The clients we have worked with who understand and agree with this philosopy are those we have retained.

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