The Building of the new Creative Shropshire Website

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Welcome to the new Creative Shropshire website! I hope you've had a good look around and are impressed so far. I'm going to take you through how we got to where we are today and the reasons behind some of our decisions.


The design process started back in January after Steve Ashdown and myself got the go ahead to redesign from CS site. We already had a good idea of what was needed from a functional point of view but the design was open to interpretation. We knew it wouldn't be easy pleasing our growing member base and to represent what the group is about.

We brainstormed a number of ideas for the design and what we thought was distinctly Shropshire. The ideas of the flowing hills and sheep helped show the more rural side of the county.

CS Site Initial

The initial design played on the rural aspects of Shropshire but lacked the business skills and creativity the group has to offer.

CS Site 2

The second design moved away from our initial ideas and brought in clever uses of members work on the left hand side. Ultimately with the split menu structure the design was deemed impractical.

The ultimate design we decided on bonded the rural aspects with the
historic achievments of the county, Shropshire has a strong business
background being the birth place of industry.

CS Site 3

The site design alters slightly depending on the time of day, any time after 6pm you will see the night time version of the site and after 6am you see the daytime version.

CS Night


We looked at a couple of different content management systems including Mambo (which the previous site was built on) however it was finally decided to use the open source content management system Drupal. Having a lot of experience with Drupal at The Web Orchard and on my personal site it was the perfect choice for quick development and low cost.

In addition to the core modules, CCK and Views were used for creating custom content types (along with nodeprofile for user profiles). The calendar module was used for the events section TinyMCE was used to give WYSIWYG controls in forms and various other modules provided access control and additional functionality.

If you would like to find out more about Creative Shropshire, the website or how to join then you can contact us.


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