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Mobile Sites from The Web Orchard

Smart phones such as the iPhone and Blackberry are becoming increasingly popular and often come with unlimited data packages allowing people to easily access the Internet from their phone. These devices have smaller screens and current websites often display poorly, organisations are increasingly investing in optimised versions of their sites especially for mobiles.

Mobile optimised templates often strip out fancy graphics, flash, tables and multiple columns so that your content is easier to read on a smaller screen. The Web Orchard can add a mobile optimised template to your existing site. We can then automatically redirect mobile traffic to your mobile optimised template so that the end user gets the best experience from your website.

You can view a mobile optimised website at on your smartphone.



Mobile sites start from £400 for existing customers.

For more information contact Peter White at The Web Orchard

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The Web Orchard to Offer Custom Timelines and Charts

Here at The Web Orchard we are always looking at better and more exciting ways of displaying your data which is why we are pleased to announce two new, easy to setup, ways to enhance your web site:

Timelines, give a unique view of your content in a familiar and recognisable way. These are perfect for displaying a history of content on your site or for displaying past events combined with the calendar for displaying future events.

You can view an example Timeline at

Charts, choose between bar charts, line graphs and pie charts to give visual excitement to your data. These can display stats from your website such as number of users joining, comments per day/week/month or your own custom data.

An example chart can be found at

Custom Timelines and Charts start from just £200 for existing customers.

For more information contact Peter White at The Web Orchard.

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Copyright theft nipped in the bud

Alpha was able to prevent a label design that they had created for a client from being used by one of the client's competitors recently - thanks to a fortunate sighting of the label before it was launched. "I was asked to attend a meeting at a company about 130 miles away," said Elaine Nester of Alpha. "The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the branding of a new product range. When I arrived at the premises I was shown into an office where there was a display of products including one which I took at first glance to belong to a client of ours in Shropshire.

On closer inspection I realised that the label on the product, whilst almost identical to the one we had designed almost a year earlier, had been changed in that this company's brand name was there in place of the brand name of our client." Elaine questioned the company about the origins of the label and the marketing manager freely admitted that she had taken Alpha's design to a printer and asked him to copy it. When Elaine told her that this was not permissible, the marketing manager deferred to her boss, the owner of the company, who asked Elaine to provide a quotation for designing a new label for them.

Realising that Alpha had designed the original label, he then claimed that he did not like it and that copying it was just a temporary solution. A quotation was issued, along with a quotation for a larger batch of work which was the original reason for the meeting. After a couple of weeks the company told Elaine that they were not going ahead with any of the work and that they intended to carry on using the copied design.

"They had changed their stance on the label, saying it was not a copy and that it differed in some respects, they had the right to use it and, worst of all, that they were customers of our client, as well as being competitors, so our client was unlikely to want to upset them," said Elaine. "At that point I decided to involve our Shropshire client," said Elaine. "They needed to know what was going on and I needed their support if I was to make a formal objection.

The offending company then tried to suggest that we were "causing trouble" because they hadn't given us the work but this was just a further demonstration of their lack of integrity. We, and our client, had to demand that the design was not used and issue a warning of legal proceedings. They finally backed down and said that the design would not be used."

If this copied label had been launched it could have caused substantial damage to the brand of the Shropshire client. Not only that but the other company had plans to roll the identity out over a wide range of additional products. Had it been an honest mistake and they had agreed to change the design, that would have been the end of the matter and no damage would have been done.

This just shows that unscrupulous companies will take work that other companies have paid for and pass it off as their own. Designers must flag up instances such as this and fight strenuously to protect their work.

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Seasonal nature of work

Do any other companies have a problem with fluctuations in workflow? We have a major catalogue project which begins in March each year then gathers momentum leading up to early December. It is difficult to plan staffing around this as other times of year can be quiet on the print side and we need different resources. I wonder whether there might be a way of sharing staff members between two or three companies or perhaps creating a pool of people who would be willing to move from company to company?

If anyone has ideas on this I'd love to hear from you. We have a part time post advertised on our website at the moment but it has been difficult to fill in the past so I anticipate similar problems this year. Many thanks. Elaine Nester, Alpha Design and Marketing 01743 236631


Free Marketing Advice

 Free Marketing Advice! SPA Creative is a “full-service” design consultancy based in Ludlow, Shropshire.We specialise in offering high quality graphic design, photography, web design, video production, print consultancy, advertising, marketing and public relations, all conveniently under one roof! SPA has over 23 years experience of delivery, servicing a wide range of industry sectors and companies both large and small, national and international. To celebrate the recent recruitment of new Marketing Manager, Helen Mawson SPA is running a promotion offering an hour of free Marketing Advice for start up’s or companies wanting to grow their existing businesses. SPA can advise on all aspects of marketing, promotions, branding, and public relations.  For more information please contact: Helen Mawson on T: 01584 878865    E:  

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AOI Illustration competition open for entries

The Association of Illustrators Images 2009 competition is open for entries and the deadline is August 1 2008.

Images is the UK's leading illustration competition, annual, awards show, and exhibition dedicated to showcasing the very best contemporary illustration published in the UK. It's Britain's only jury-selected illustration competition, judged by a highly regarded panel of industry experts, spanning multiple categories.

Selected work promoted to 4000 commissioners through the Images annual; New categories - New Media and Children's; Prizes worth £900 for the student section.

Public Speaking Workshop

Public Speaking/Presentation Skills Workshop

This evening Rob Ford of Head Of Communication at SPA Creative will take you through the joys and pitfalls of Public Speaking and Presentation.
Areas covered include:
  • Preparation
  • Building Confidence
  • Vocal and Physical Techniques
  • Delivery Skills
  • Developing Ideas and Time Management
  • Using Visual Aides
  • Enjoying the Experience!



Rob Ford is Head of Communications at SPA Creative, Ludlow. As a professional actor, Rob has appeared in stage, film, and television productions ranging from Shakespeare to “Clocking Off”. He was trained at Birmingham School of Speech and Drama and is a registered teacher of London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (LAMDA) examinations in Speech and Drama.
In his spare time Rob still performs at Comedy and Folk Festivals and it is highly likely that the evening will have a “visit” from one or more of his characters.

WHERE? The Bull, Ludlow

WHEN? August 20th 7.30pm

WHAT NEXT? Book your place with

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Reminder: Typography Talk at the Three Tunns, Bishops Castle on July 23rd

The talk is this Wednesday at the Three Tunns in Bishops Castle.

For more information email and read


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Creative Shropshire 08 Video

This video has been kindly supplied by Mint Video of our event at Enginuity in Ironbridge earlier this year.

More information about the event at the Three Tunns, Bishops Castle on July 23rd

If for you type is an afterthought; a necessary evil, trivia, insignificant; irrelevant. If you reach for Helvetica every time you need a font, because of its ‘neutrality’. If you don’t know your Eras from your Bembo. You need to spend an evening with Bruno Maag.


Bruno Maag is into type. After an apprenticeship as a typesetter

for the Tages Anzeiger, Switzerland's largest daily. He went on to study typography at Basel School of Art. Bruno cut his teeth designing type at Monotype, both in the UK and in the States where he designed fonts for the New Yorker magazine.


He established Dalton Maag seventeen years ago. The cream of type design and technology professionals work for Dalton Maag.  Expectation and passion runs high in the Brixton studio. From ampersands to umlaut nothing is safe from brutal analysis.


Bruno is REALLY into type.

Most likely to say ‘I am a craftsman...not an artist’

Least likely to say ‘This looks like a job for Helvetica’

Bruno feels the pleasure of a beautifully crafted typeface and

the pain of any misuse.


In Bishop’s Castle Bruno will talk to you about font selection. Getting the right type for the job.

To book your place, please e-mail